Tiki Scene Setter



Make any room feel like a party house with this 5 sheet set of Summer Luau Tiki Scene Setter! Set it up as pictured or place wherever you feel like! These thin plastic sheets are perfect for decorating your home/event space and making it feel like the ideal beach venue for any party! Scene setter features a beach scene with colourful flowers, small Tiki stall, signs and a Tiki totem with colourful faces. The Pack Contains: 2 Plastic Sheets 59″(1.4m) x 32 1/2″(82.5cm), Combine to 65″(1.6m) x 59″(1.4m) 1 Pastic Banner 16″(40.6cm) x 44 1/2″(1.1m), 2 Plastic Sheets 16″(40.6cm) x 10 1/4″(26cm). Pack of 5

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