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2.8m LED Tree Light



Our LED Lumen attenuation is 0.3%, lowest in the industry. Meaning our LED bulbs will not burn out but fades only 0.3% of its original brightness each year. We use double layered waterproof casing for all the LED bulbs. Large Blossoms and/or foliage for a realistic yet embelished appearance. Highest quality of resin won’t crack and are water proof. All fitting and fixtures are stainless steel. The base of the large trees is made with a 2mm thick steel pipe to ensure stableness. Whith 2.2mm copper wires that can withstand up to 40 deg c below zero all hidden inside the tree trunks and branches. Our artificial trees are all hand made for the highst resolution and definition to resemble real tree bark and trunks. Made with premium high quality resin to give better protection out doors against extreme weather, whether hot or cold.

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