Elmo Turns One Swirl Dec


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Create a colourful Sesame Street 1st birthday room with our cute Elmo Turns One swirls! Featuring fun cutouts of Elmo, Cookie Monster and number 1’s on brightly coloured swirls these swirling decorations will bring a cheerful, celebration atmosphere to your Elmo or Sesame Street 1st birthday room – simply hang them from your ceiling, an entrance or outdoor entertaining area for an animated Sesame setting! There are a total of 12 plastic swirling foil decorations in a pack as follows: 6 coloured swirl decorations (no picture attached just the swirls, 3 swirls with a 12cm number 1 plastic cutout attached. 3 swirls with a 17cm Sesame Street / 1st Birthday cardboard picture attached. Pack of 12 Elmo Turns One Swirl Decorations.

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Dimensions 24.1 × 25.2 × 1.8 cm